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Where to find crawfish in New Orleans

Posted by Deanie's Seafood on May 12 2015

During the springtime in Louisiana, most of us are craving hot, spicy boiled crawdads regularly. The smell of backyard boils, seafood markets and restaurants boiling up their signature mudbug recipes fills the air, and there is no shortage of places to find them spiced to your liking!

In New Orleans there are many places to enjoy them boiled in a restaurant setting and seafood markets where you can pick up live crawdads to boil yourself or already boiled to enjoy at home or outdoors hassle free. While deciding where to get your fix and how to get ‘em, one might consider convenience, price, size and flavor. Often times price and size fluctuates with the progression of the season.

Crawfish season typically begins in January and lasts until June with the peak months (best size, price and availability) between March, April and May so you better hurry

In a recent Thrillist article, Scott Gold highlights his top 10 picks of the “finest spots in New Orleans boiling up some of the best crawfish in town.”

He recommends Deanie’s Seafood as having “a serious reputation when it comes to crawfish served by the sack.” Gold noted both Deanie’s locations: “While it has a French Quarter location these days, you can also opt instead for the Bucktown location, where you can get your sacks to-go in its adjacent market and eat them picnic style right on the levee overlooking Lake Pontchartrain.”


Deanie's Seafood Market In good company with some of the other best places for boiled crawfish in town, Gold also highlighted Big Fisherman Seafood as a great uptown spot for picking up orders of already boiled crawfish and Seither’s Seafood in Harahan.

Deanie’s was among the first to sell boiled seafood to the public in the Greater New Orleans region. Today, Deanie’s serves them boiled in its signature blend of Cajun seasonings by the pound in both the original location in the quaint fishing village of Bucktown and in its second location in the heart of the French Quarter. In addition, patrons can pick up and place orders at Deanie’s Seafood Market in Bucktown for live crawfish to boil themselves or already boiled crawfish spiced to perfection.

Those craving crawfish who are outside of New Orleans and Louisiana, can have live or boiled crawfish shipped directly to their door with Deanie’s online retail site. ships crawfish and other fresh Louisiana seafood anwyhere in the continental United States.


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