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It's Oyster Season Y'all!

Posted by Lindsay Adler on Oct 20 2017

Enjoy Best tasting gulf oysters now 

Who else has been counting down the days until peak oyster season? We love them raw, fried, or charbroiled, and there’s no better time to eat them than right now. But there are more reasons to consume these bivalves than just seasonal availbility. Not only are Gulf oysters absolutely delicious, but the health benefits of oysters are plentiful! And did you know: You can from our online seafood market,

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Best Gulf Fish to Eat right now is Flounder!

Posted by Lindsay Adler on Sep 01 2017

Enjoy Gulf Flounder Peak Season 

In Louisiana, we can enjoy local seafood pretty much any time during the year. Among the many types of fish in the Gulf of Mexico, such as grouper, redfish, snapper and tuna, grouper is a lean, moist fish with mild flavor, firm texture and large flakes. Gulf flounder are flatfish that are compressed laterally, and they spend much of their time lying on the bottom. Their two eyes look upward when swimming near the bottom, on their side. Peak season for Gulf Flounder is between July and November, the ideal time to enjoy them is right now, and they are one of the best gulf fish to eat.

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Order Seafood Online for peak freshness and flavor

Posted by Lindsay Adler on Aug 11 2017

Seafood Delivery gets Dinner on the Table 

We get it, the typical week is busy and overscheduled. Finding time to sit down to a meal -- let alone cook a meal -- can be challenging. But seafood is actually super easy and quick to prepare, and getting a seafood delivery sent to your door instead of making the rounds at the grocery store or seafood marke can be a lifesaver. If you love serving Louisiana seafood at home for your family or friends, you can order seafood online from Deanie’s, as well as many prepared food items. And just like that… boom!  Dinner is on the table.

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Deanie’s Seafood offers Holiday Take Home Menu

Posted by Karen Hales on Nov 10 2016

Thanksgiving, Christmas holiday menu features traditional New Orleans favorites

Metairie, LA– Nov. 10, 2016– From Cajun Fried Turkeys, Stuffed Mirlitons and homemade cheesecakes, Deanie’s Seafood serves up all the fixings for holiday parties with its Holiday Take Home Menu, available for Thanksgiving and for holiday celebrations throughout the month of December.

The New Orleans holiday menu features Deanie’s secret recipes prepared with all fresh ingredients, offering a selection of prepared meats plus scrumptious homemade side dishes, soups, dressings and desserts ready to serve for your holiday gathering. Orders can be placed by calling Deanie’s Seafood Market in Bucktown at 504-835-4638.

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Nothing Brings Family Together Like the Retelling of Holiday Cooking Disasters

Posted by Karen Hales on Nov 19 2015

Start a new Tradition with Deanie’s Holiday Take-Home Menu

One of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions was watching “The Accidental Tourist,” a movie about a family of socially awkward, quirky siblings living together well into middle age that features a quietly hilarious and torturous Thanksgiving Dinner. The sister, Rose, grossly undercooks a Thanksgiving turkey as the family suffers an agonizingly long wait for it to finish baking in an oven heated to 150 degrees. When the pallid bird is finally placed on the table, her brothers opt instead to double-up on the sides, while only her suitor, Julian, bravely forges into the pink poultry. It’s a small triumph. “He ate my turkey,” she exclaims.

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Planning a stress-free Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted by Karen Hales on Nov 10 2015

More and more people prefer to leave the cooking and cleaning to others to enjoy their Thanksgiving holiday celebrating family and friends. While dining out is certainly an option, there are plenty of ways to have a stress-free holiday while entertaining for Thanksgiving. For those who want an eat-at-home experience for a lot less work, there is always Deanie’s Seafood’s classic Holiday Take-Home Menu featuring traditional Thanksgiving dishes, homemade desserts and a fine showcase of seafood dishes,

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Let Deanie’s Help with your Holiday Meal Preparation

Posted by Deanie's Seafood on Oct 28 2015

Deanie's Holiday Take-Home Menu Offers Louisiana favorites

Planning on preparing an authentic Louisiana meal this holiday season? With Deanie’s on your team, you won’t have to do it alone! Thanksgiving is just a month away, and our popular Holiday Take-Home Menu is here to help again this year, offering delicious and otherwise time-consuming dishes to reinforce your Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday menu.

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