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National Catfish Month: A Look into Farm raised Catfish

Posted by Karen Hales on Aug 07 2018

Facts, highlights, history of farm raised catfish

Sandwiched between the Fourth of July and Labor Day is one of our favorite mouth-watering holidays, National Catfish Month, celebrated each year through the month of August.

"I am persuaded that catfish is the most Southern of all fish."
Craig Claiborne, NYT Food Critic

New York Times food critic and Mississippi native Craig Claiborne once said, “I am persuaded that catfish is the most Southern of all fish.” A staple in Southern kitchens, catfish became popular in restaurants across the country after the introduction of catfish aquaculture.

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Eat Louisiana Catfish in August

Posted by Lindsay Adler on Jul 28 2017

Catfish is Louisiana Seafood Best Catch 

August is National Catfish Month! The catfish is a staple of home cooks around Louisiana, and we can understand why.  It’s super affordable, easy to prepare, and absolutely delicious whether broiled, pan seared, or especially fried. White, flaky, and tender, the catfish lends itself to a variety of different recipes, both decadent and healthy. This bottom-dwelling fish has whisker-like barbels around the mouth, hence the name. The catfish is king in terms of Louisiana seafood, and it’s a beloved catch celebrated in multiple regional festivals and menu items alike. But why should you eat Louisiana catfish this month?

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