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Louisiana Crab Season kicks off

Posted by Lindsay Adler on Aug 01 2018


At Deanie's Seafood restaurants, the four seasons have always been Shrimp, Crab, Oyster and Crawfish. Although crawfish season is over, summer has been great for shrimp and crab. In the past several weeks Deanie's has been getting some beautiful fresh Louisiana blue crab, and we couldn’t be more excited about the start of Gulf crab season!

Revered for their delicate, sweet flavor and cooking versatility, Louisiana blue crabs have become a standard of fine dining and backyard boils alike. If you haven’t tried soft shell crab —Louisiana blue crab that have outgrown and shed their hard shell—you’re missing out!

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Get Hooked on Fresh Domestic Seafood!

Posted by Lindsay Adler on Jul 27 2018

Cook with Gulf Shrimp and Louisiana Seafood

Enjoying seafood is definitely an important part of American culinary culture, from shrimp to crab to fish and everything in between. And rightly so. Not only is seafood plentiful and good for you, it’s absolutely delicious! At home seafood consumption is up, which means that more people are cooking seafood in their own kitchens. Neilsen reports that meal kits might have played a part in consumers’ increased seafood consumption and that 29% of users of meal kit services such as Blue Apron and Hello Fresh say they eat more seafood with these delivery options. The amount of imported seafood being purchased by consumers in recent years has increased as well, however. When you pick up that shrimp at your local grocery store, whether fresh or frozen, are you really paying attention to where it comes from? 

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Topics: Louisiana seafood, wild louisiana seafood, seasonal seafood, Gulf Seafood, domestic seafood, sustainable seafood, shrimp season, shrimp recipes

New Orleans' favorite seafood restaurant opens new location on Magazine Street

Posted by Karen Hales on Jul 18 2018

Deanie’s Sea Food Kitchen third installment of local seafood brand 

NEW ORLEANS—(July 18, 2018)—A contemporary take on a New Orleans seafood tradition, Deanie’s Sea Food Kitchen has opened at 2200 Magazine St. in the Irish Channel in Uptown New Orleans. The restaurant, the third location of the family-owned and -operated Deanie’s Seafood Restaurants, serves lunch and dinner daily.

Deanie’s Sea Food Kitchen offers the same flavors as the legendary restaurant known for its seafood offerings, from seasonal boiled seafood to standards like fried seafood, crawfish etouffee, barbeque shrimp, crabmeat au gratin and po boys.

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Topics: best seafood in new orleans, magazine street, irish channel, Louisiana seafood

Deanie's Voted Best Seafood Restaurant in NOLA!

Posted by Karen Hales on Jul 06 2018

Where Ya't Readers vote Deanies #1 Seafood Restaurant among other awards

Deanie’s Seafood Restaurants were recognized with three top honors in New Orleans Where Y’at Magazine’s “Best of the Big Easy 2018” Awards. Among the honors, Deanie’s ranked No.1 as Best Seafood Restaurant in New Orleans for the second-consecutive year; the fifth time it has been selected by Where Y’at readers among the top three seafood restaurants in New Orleans. Deanie’s also was chosen as the No. 2 Best Restaurant for Boiled Seafood in the annual readers' survey. 

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Topics: best seafood in new orleans, best seafood restaurant, Louisiana seafood, wild louisiana seafood, domestic seafood, eat local

Guide to Summer Seafood in Season

Posted by Lindsay Adler on Jun 27 2018


We don’t mind the heat and humidity of summer in New Orleans, because it’s one of our favorite seafood seasons of the year! Living near Gulf waters means that we’re able to indulge in the best-tasting shrimp, blue crabs, and fish available. Crab and shrimp season are in full swing, and eating local seafood in season means you’ll enjoy it at the peak of freshness.

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Topics: Louisiana seafood, wild louisiana seafood, Gulf Seafood, eat local, what's in season, louisiana seafood in season, seasonal seafood, Gulf shrimp, shrimp season, what seafood is in season

Summer brings Gulf Shrimp Season!

Posted by Lindsay Adler on May 17 2018


The warmer weather is upon us, which means that summer is rapidly approaching. We're used to our summer heat, plus we're excited because the start of shrimp season is almost here! We love 'em boiled, fried, barbecued or in soups and stews. Gulf shrimp are also absolutely fantastic as part of a crisp and refreshing salad. One of the most popular dishes at Deanie’s Seafood Restaurants is our Bayou Seafood Salad. The dish makes the perfect light summer lunch, and it's easy to put together at home.

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Topics: Shrimp, Gulf shrimp, shrimp recipes, shrimp season, wild louisiana seafood, Louisiana seafood

Deanie’s voted Best Seafood in New Orleans 2017

Posted by Lindsay Adler on Jan 04 2018

Deanie’s earns three No. 1 best seafood rankings

Deanie’s Seafood Restaurants have earned THREE No. 1 best seafood rankings in this year’s Tops of the Town 2017 readers’ survey awards from New Orleans Magazine. Deanie’s was crowned the Top Place for Seafood, Top Place for Raw Oysters and Top Place for Boiled Crawfish in New Orleans in this year’s survey.

In a city that is ranked in the top 100 for “Best Food Destinations of 2017,” locally owned Deanie’s Seafood strives to provide an unforgettable dining experience for our patrons.

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Topics: best seafood restaurant, New Orleans best seafood restaurant, Louisiana seafood, Best Place for Crawfish, best place to eat boiled crawfish, best seafood in new orleans, wild louisiana seafood

Top 6 Favorite Fan Pics for Oyster Season

Posted by Lindsay Adler on Nov 14 2017

Deanie's best customer Louisiana Oysters Photos  

At Deanie’s Seafood, we’re proud to serve the freshest and best seafood in New Orleans, and posting photos of Louisiana seafood is something that we enjoy. On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it’s been fun to to see viewers’ reactions and interactions with our posts and pictures over the last several years. Some of our favorite fan photos have even gone viral, reaching tens of thousands of people! Gulf oysters are in season year-round, but they are largest between October and April.

You can order Louisiana oysters shipped to you directly from Deanie's Seafood Market at our online market,

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Topics: Louisiana seafood, holiday take-home menu, catered holiday meals, Thanksgiving, Oysters, oyster season

Your Guide to What's in Season!

Posted by Lindsay Adler on Oct 27 2017

Enjoying Louisiana Seafood at its peak 

No matter what time of year, Louisiana Seafood is always in season! From the health benefits of seafood, to the easy accessibility of seafood recipes, to its versality in dishes, you can always find a reason to eat more seafood. Eating local means you’ll enjoy seafood at the peak of freshness. So why is it better to eat what’s in season?

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Topics: wild louisiana seafood, Louisiana seafood, what's in season, louisiana seafood in season, seasonal seafood, best seafood in new orleans, Gulf shrimp, gulf oysters

It's Oyster Season Y'all!

Posted by Lindsay Adler on Oct 20 2017

Enjoy Best tasting gulf oysters now 

Who else has been counting down the days until peak oyster season? We love them raw, fried, or charbroiled, and there’s no better time to eat them than right now. But there are more reasons to consume these bivalves than just seasonal availbility. Not only are Gulf oysters absolutely delicious, but the health benefits of oysters are plentiful! And did you know: You can from our online seafood market,

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