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Supporting a Sustainable Louisiana Seafood Industry

Posted by Lindsay Adler on Mar 10 2016

What is a culture of sustainability and why is it so important to support a sustainable U.S. seafood industry?  A recent TEDx talk describes sustainability as “making deliberate decisions to prevent further breaking of our oceans' boundaries.”

 Consumer demand for specific types of seafood, like shrimp, haven't always been supplied in perfect symmetry by our waters, so the need for farmed and foreign products arose. But the shrimping industry in particular is being examined more closely than ever because of unsafe and harmful practices used in these imported seafood production methods. 

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Sustainable practices ensure you can keep coming back for more

Posted by Karen Hales on Aug 01 2014

Aug. 1, 2014--The idea of sustainability is getting more attention as restaurants and other businesses make sustainable sourcing of seafood a priority. Seafood harvested in the United States under goes a rigorous management process to ensure the seafood you eat in your home or restaurant will be available for generations to come.

Sustainability also plays a large role in our region’s economy: Louisiana’s seafood industry, not including imports, generated 30,676 jobs in the state in 2011, and Louisiana leads the Gulf states in seafood sales with nearly $1.5 billion in sales in 2011. (Source: NOAA’s Fisheries Economics of the U.S.)

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