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5 Days of Summer Shrimp Recipes: Shrimp Kebabs

Posted by Deanie's Seafood on Jun 29 2015

One of our favorite Louisiana seafoods in season during the summer months are deliciously fresh Gulf shrimp. With the official kickoff of summer and Fourth of July get togethers right around the corner, we are celebrating shrimp by sharing five days of summer shrimp recipes!

We will share one easy-to-prepare refreshing summer shrimp recipe to prepare in your kitchen or on the grill, including the makings for our simple and light Bayou Seafood Salad, each day for the next 5 days! These simple recipes are perfect to bring to a summer barbeque and to enjoy in your own kitchen or backyard.

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Louisiana summer seafood: What’s in season?

Posted by Deanie's Seafood on Jun 12 2015

It’s becoming more widely known and appreciated that food tastes best when it’s in season and buying domestically is important for a number of reasons. That goes for fruits, veggies and one of our biggest assets here in South Louisiana, Gulf seafood.

We are lucky to live in a region with one of the biggest sources of some of the best-tasting seafood in the world. Louisiana is one of the largest suppliers of seafood in the nation. The Gulf Coast produces 70 percent of the nation’s oysters, 69 percent of domestic shrimp, is a leading producer of domestic hard and soft-shell blue crabs and represents 20 percent of all domestic seafood consumed in the U.S. 

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The Wild Recipe For Louisiana’s Great-Tasting, Gulf Coast Shrimp?

Posted by Jeff Moore on Jun 05 2015

So, what is it that makes a big plate of wild-caught, Louisiana Gulf Coast shrimp taste so darn good? Well, let me assure you, it’s more than just secret batter recipes and creole seasoning. There just so happens to be a science to it.

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What to do with all that leftover crawfish from your crawfish boil

Posted by Deanie's Seafood on May 21 2015

It’s good to be prepared because sometimes the unexpected happens: After having friends and family stand for hours around a table heaped with spicy boiled crawdads with all the fixings--corn, potatoes, garlic, maybe a little celery and mushrooms, andouille sausage--sometimes there are crawfish boil leftovers. 

So what do you do with all that leftover Cajun-spiced goodness?

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Where to find crawfish in New Orleans

Posted by Deanie's Seafood on May 12 2015

During the springtime in Louisiana, most of us are craving hot, spicy boiled crawdads regularly. The smell of backyard boils, seafood markets and restaurants boiling up their signature mudbug recipes fills the air, and there is no shortage of places to find them spiced to your liking!

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What to do with your visiting family in New Orleans

Posted by Deanie's Seafood on May 08 2015

As graduations near, graduates look for places to celebrate and family-friendly activities to engage in while visitors are in town

With graduations approaching, families from all over the state, country and world will be traveling to the Big Easy to proudly support their loved ones as they begin a new chapter in their lives.

From the first parents’ weekend when your family made the trek to move you in, to the closing of your college years, Deanie’s Seafood is proud to serve students of the many renowned universities in the city of New Orleans and their families.

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How to eat boiled crawfish

Posted by Deanie's Seafood on Apr 30 2015

Most foods don’t come with eating instructions because--let’s face it, most of the time all you need is a fork and a knife and the rest is pretty self explanatory. But some foods present a bigger challenge and hold a larger mystique. One in particular is the boiled crawfish.

What is the best technique? How do you get all that tail meat to come out? To suck the head or not? And whether you planned it that way or not, there is always the added element of competition, because someone at your table is bound to turn your crawfish boil into an amateur crawfish eating contest.

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The sixth-annual Pinch A Palooza was a day to remember in Bucktown!

Posted by Deanie's Seafood on Apr 27 2015

The sixth-annual Pinch A Palooza on Sun., April 19 in Bucktown was a fun-filled day for loyal customers, friends and family of Deanie’s Seafood.

With one of the first days of beautiful sunshine in almost two weeks, more than 5,000 attendees flocked to the festival grounds with their families, friends and even their dogs to enjoy a day of Louisiana crawfish, music and culture.

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New Orleans local festival favorites & tips

Posted by Deanie's Seafood on Apr 24 2015

Deanie’s shares tips on how to do festival season right & French Quarter employees share their New Orleans festival favorites in "Ask A Local"

As spring time approaches and the weather starts to warm up, the festivals in New Orleans are non-stop! Each weekend, locals and visitors head out to the weekends’ festivities, which usually consist of live music, delicious Louisiana fare and art.

Some of the most anticipated Nola festivals are the French Quarter Festival (took place April 9-12 2015)  and New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (April 23-May 5 2015). Deanie’s Seafood even celebrates festival season with its own fest, Pinch A Palooza Festival & Crawfish Eating Contest, held in Bucktown each year (The sixth-annual Pinch A Palooza took place April 19, 2015.)
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April officially recognized as 'Louisiana Crawfish Month'

Posted by Deanie's Seafood on Apr 17 2015

Pinch A Palooza 2015 will be first ever ‘Louisiana Crawfish Awareness Month’ celebration

Deanie’s Seafood Restaurants & Seafood Market are excited to announce and celebrate the first ever “Louisiana Crawfish Awareness Month” during the sixth-annual annual Pinch A Palooza Festival & Crawfish Eating Contest on Sun. April 19 at Deanie’s in Bucktown, 1713 Lake Ave., Metairie. Deanie’s worked with State Rep. Nick Lorusso, R-New Orleans, to bring about this resolution recognizing an important Louisiana commodity and cultural tradition.

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